About Us

VizMetrics was founded in 2002 to help improve results through better reporting. Our founders recognized that there had to be a better, faster way to get the right information into the minds of decision-makers. From the beginning, we have focused on maximizing results by combining useful metrics with superior data visualization.

VizMetrics uses straightforward, no-fluff design to help decision-makers see key metrics in a single view.

Benefits of using a VizMetrics service or product

Find opportunities

  • Explore key metrics and identify patterns
  • Examine underlying risk and success factors in one place
  • Benchmark performance by comparing multiple items

Accelerate action

  • Share results quickly with your entire team and drive decisions faster
  • Streamline your meetings by using a single page view

Save time

  • Save executive time on decision-making
  • Get insights from one page instead of sifting through many web pages or PowerPoint /Keynote slides
  • Save the time you spend on collecting data and preparing presentations
  • Avoid building labor-intensive, custom reports